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New product Wide band 840-960MHz Circular Polarized RFID Antenna

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    Sanny Telecom’s STR90055C is a wide band circular polarized antenna that is specifically designed for UHF RFID reader. The STR90055C can provide coverage ranging from 840 MHz to 960 MHz in a single antenna package. This enables it to support all the RFID standards all over the world including ETSI and FCC. Combining many frequencies into a single antenna eliminates the need to purchase separate antennas for each standard, simplifying installation and reducing deployment costs.

    With an axial ratio below 2dB and  low VSWR, the STR90055C is still able to work well under metallic environment as long as the gap is 5cm at least. It can be widely used for warehouse, distribution center, airports , and hospital etc. Sanny Telecom also offers a full line of  products for RFID such as enclosures, pigtails or readers.


    Electrical Specifications
    Frequency Range 840-960MHz
    Polarization Circular
    Gain 5.5 dBi
    VSWR ≤1.3
    Horizontal Beamwidth 80°
    Vertical Beamwidth 110°
    Axial Ratio ≤ 2.0
    Nominal Impedance 50Ω
    Maximum Input Power 50W
    Lightning Protection DC Ground
    Mechanical Specifications
    Connector SMA-Female
    Dimensions 130x130x18mm
    Weight 0.37kg
    Mounting Type Mast Mount or customized
    Operating Temperature -40°C – +65°C

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