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Sanny Telecom Launches Wide band 380-6000MHz Low-PIM DAS Omni Ceiling Mount Antenna

  • Specifications

    Sanny Telecom’s ST-OC0360002-P43 is a Low PIM ceiling mount omni antenna that is specifically designed for in-building Distributed  Antenna System(DAS)applications. The ST-OC0360002-P43 can provide coverage ranging from 380 MHz to 6000 MHz in a single antenna package. This enables it to support various networks including cellular GSM/3G/4G/LTE, Personal Communication Services (PCS), and public safety networks etc. Combining many frequencies into a single antenna eliminates the need to purchase separate antennas for each wireless network type, simplifying installation and reducing deployment costs.

    With a PIM rating of -150dBc, the ST-OC0360002-P43 is also low-PIM rated and meets the most demanding PIM requirements for the LTE/4G bands. Sanny Telecom also offers a full line of  products for DAS networks such as power splitter, coupler and combiner etc.


    Electrical Specifications
    Frequency Range 380-520/698-960/1710-6000MHz
    Polarization Vertical
    Gain 2.0±1.0/2.5±1.0/4.0±1.0 dBi
    VSWR ≤3.0 /≤2.0 /≤2.0
    Horizontal Beamwidth 360°
    Vertical Beamwidth 90°/90°/35°
    Isolation ≥17dB
    PIM, Carrier(2x43dBm) ‐153dBc
    Nominal Impedance 50Ω
    Maximum Input Power 50W
    Lightning Protection DC Ground
    Mechanical Specifications
    Connector N-Female
    Dimensions Φ298x152mm
    Weight 0.9kg
    Mounting Type Ceiling Mount
    Max. Wind Velocity 210km/h
    Operating Temperature -40°C – +65°C

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